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You Have Requested : The.Files.Of.Young.Kindaic...

Hajime Kindaichi is a high school detective who first appeared in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in October 1992. Since then, the manga has gone on to have more than 100 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling series of all time. In the latest television adaptation, Naniwa Danshi heartthrob Shunsuke Michieda takes on the title role with his signature cute and colorful charm.

You have requested : The.Files.Of.Young.Kindaic...

Hope Chapman Rating: 3 Review: First of all, I think the Japanese executives who enforced this English title were looking for something to the tune of "Kindaichi Case Files Returns." Oh well. It's not like this was a show with much appeal in the west anyway. Based on a long-running mystery manga, like over 20 years long-running, Kindaichi Case Files is a proto-cessor of Detective Conan, which is to say they aren't actually related, but it sure seems like it. Serialized only two years prior to Conan, Kindaichi is composed of episodic mysteries solved by a brilliant-but-unusual teen detective alongside his spunky and violent childhood friend turned almost-girlfriend and a swappable cast of sidekicks. They're pretty much the same show, but while Conan never stopped running on TV, "Returns" is a return to animation for the Kindaichi franchise after being restricted to comics-only adventures for the last 14 years. Being a huge fan of Detective Conan myself, I'm biased in its favor over Kindaichi Case Files, whose conceit of starring a lazy pervert teen is not as interesting as Shinichi Kudo's self-serious ego being restricted to a five-year old's body, and the side characters of Conan seem more unique than Kindaichi's as well. (Early in the episode, an agent mistakes Kindaichi's gal pal for a famous model and says "Are you Ran?" With Detective Conan on the brain, I laughed at the screen, "Yeah, you wish!") That said, Kindaichi aims to compensate for its shrug-worthy premise by starting off with a bang, and its premiere case is a solid attention grabber that Conan might have saved for a theatrical movie. Kindaichi and friends are off to China after his lady friend Miyuki is offered a glamorous trip to participate in a modeling show there, doubling for a paranoid incognito model. The adventure starts off light and entertaining, and the pace only ramps up from there as kidnappings beget chase scenes beget a search for treasure ending in an unexpected murder. The episode feels like it's only five minutes long, and the main characters' lives are at stake from the get-go rather than diverting attention to the suspects of the week. The short version is that if you enjoy Detective Conan and don't mind swapping its lovable characters out for some new faces in the formula, Young Kindaichi Returns may be worth a look. Production-wise, it's wonkier-looking than Case Closed, and the characters may take some sweetening on new viewers, but a mystery show is a mystery show, and Kindaichi Returns has taken off with its best foot forward. The File of Young Kindaichi Returns is available streaming at

There are things that are off about Kindaichi Returns. Kindaichi's hideous rat-tail for one. And Taiki Matsuno's performance, which has that awkward quality that comes when an actor has aged out of his/her role. There are also a lot of too-convenient coincidences and plot contrivances. But the things that matter are in place. The show's mystery is multi-pronged and, more important, multi-episode. The herring are a-flopping, the suspects a-lurking, and best of all, I haven't already solved the damned thing. Which, for a mystery, is definitely the way to start.

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When high school student Mai Taniyama meets detective Kazuya Shibuya, she would have never imagined that her ordinary world would take a turn for the supernatural. Throughout the series, the duo, along with other supernatural inspectors, solve paranormal mysteries across Japan.

"We have always required rental fees, in particular, if it requires additional staff. For example, custodial staff or security personnel," Dr. Cotton said. "What we have done here is we've tried to provide more clarity."

After receiving a distressing correspondence from a former classmate requesting his presence, high school detective Hajime Kindaichi travels to Twilight Island to investigate the anguish behind the letter. Meanwhile, as fate would have it, Conan Edogawa has been introduced to a modern folktale by Professor Agasa, on an island in the south that serves as a premiere tourist resort, inhabitants have been mysteriously disappearing for extended periods of time before suddenly returning without explanation. What's more: When they disappear, they are transported to an alternate version of that very same island. Intrigued, Conan consents to investigate the case while his companions vacation at the tourist trap known as Twilight Island. As the mystery deepens and it becomes clear their two cases are more related than it first seemed, a grand case unfolds that requires the unmatched reasoning powers of both young detectives.

When they arrive at Bar Beitie, which Yamamoto owns, they meet regular customer Yuki Kakuda who says that Yamamoto was absent. He also confirms that Yamamoto was related to Misa and that he liked to wear yellow. Conan and Kogoro then meet Yamamoto, who lies about having an alibi, but after having his alibi busted, still insists that he didn't kill her, saying that his coat was sent to the cleaners that day. Yamamoto is also able to identify the watch found as being Kawasaki's, even though the latter denied seeeing that watch when he was interrogated the previous day. Back at Fukado, Kawasaki confesses about the watch being his and confirms that Yamamoto sent his coat to his cleaner shop. He also says he didn't kill Misa, and that his watch and a mannequin in his store had been stolen. Kawasaki also says that the watch can be used as an alarm, but that he didn't set it, because he had nothing planned at 1 AM, which was the time the alarm was set to. Piecing the clues together, Conan deduces the culprit called Misa to the lighthouse, and made her pick up the watch when the alarm went off at 1 AM, and as she was picking the watch, they dropped the rock from the observation deck onto her. Conan also realized the 1 + 11 = message on the watch was most likely a dying message from Misa. Back at the lighthouse, Conan finds, through Officer Kumada, that a bucket that was supposed to be on the observation deck was found at the bottom of the lighthouse, filled with water. With this new evidence, Conan theorizes that the culprit had probably made a pulley with the bucket and the rock to kill Misa, which makes the crime possible for anyone (he previously thought the culprit needed a lot of strength to lift the rock). Conan then heads to Twilight Elementary School to search about the daughter of the man who killed himself 25 years ago, Keiko Ichinose. He had just been informed of her existence after Haibara asked Sasayama about new details of the past case. He meets the school janitor, who tells him files from over 25 years ago are most likely in the old building. Inside the building, Conan finds a picture of Keiichi Ichinose, who turns out to have been the principal of the school. By seeing the picture, he realizes Keiichi Ichinose looks exactly like Ryoko's father from the picture in her room. After leaving the building, he stumbles upon Kawasaki, who shows him a bag he had found in Fukado's dump. It contained a pulley and a rope, which could have been used in Misa's murder. Before leaving, Kawasaki also says that it is strange that the bag was there, since the dump is only accessible by employees.

The culprit behind Misa's murder is Ryoko Hamada. She was able to lift the rock up using a pulley and a rope as well as the bucket she filled with the water from the lighthouse's faucet, which she used as a counter-balance. After lifting the rock up. She then put the rock on the bench and waited for Misa to come. To aim perfectly at Misa, she had previously placed in front of the lighthouse the watch she stole from Kawasaki. With the alarm set at 1 AM, Misa would pick it up and Ryoko could drop the rock on her, thus killing her. Evidence of her trick are the fact that the bucket was found filled with water at the bottom of the lighthouse, while the rock had traces of fresh paint from the freshly painted bench on the observation deck. As additional evidence, the bag with the pulley and the rope was found in Fukado's dump, which was only accessible by employees. Ryoko deviated suspicion by faking a scene where Misa was arguing with Yamamoto. She disguised as Misa and held a mannequin (also stolen from Fukado) which was wearing a yellow coat, Yamamoto's trademark. She would then wait for Ota to see it and mistake her for Misa. Evidence of this second trick was the fact that Ryoko had clothes similar to Misa's inside her closet (this was what Conan thought was suspicious when he visited the room previously) and that the "man" seen by Ota was wearing a hat, contradicting with the fact that Yamamoto loved his hair and would never wear one. Also, that day, Yamamoto's coat was sent to Kawasaki's dry cleaners shop, so he couldn't have worn it. Instead, Ryoko used it for her trick. The message on the watch, 1 + 11 =, was in fact letters, spelling けいこ, or Keiko (K K O in the fan translation, the first K pronounced Kay with ko). After all, Misa had found out Ryoko was Keiko Ichinose, Keiichi Ichinose's daughter. Ryoko/Keiko still insists on being innocent, but upon Kogoro saying that they could check the pulley and rope for fingerprints, she confesses. 041b061a72


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