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Navi Sailor 2500 Chart Download Fixeds

This nautical chart app for iPhone and iPad is the app to satisfy all your Fishing and Boating's needs, developed with the help of expert boaters. Download one of the best up-to-date marine navigation apps to safely enjoy the new boating season. With the Aqua Map Master transform your device in a real ChartPlotter. Below are some of many useful features of the app:

navi sailor 2500 chart downloads

If you ever wanted to know more ships and boats, or track a vessel around the globe, then this ship tracking app for iPhone is what you need. Boat Watch, one of the best boat tracking apps for iPhone lets you spot and identify boats and ships in an instant. Boat Watch now gives you the option to buy official NOAA nautical charts for the US, so you get the same view of the ocean as the ship's navigator. See the shipping channels, buoys, lights and hazards and why a ship is taking a particular route. Boat Watch is a free app, which offers...

SeaNav is a nautical navigation app for iPhone. With this sea navigation app, you are able to explore, plan and navigate your boating trips in real time and outstanding high-resolution using digital charts derived from the latest NOAA and UKHO data providing coverage across the US and Europe (US, CA, UK & IE, DE, FR, NL &BE, DK, NO and ES). Raster charts for NZ, FI and EE. The free version includes all navigation and trip planning tools. High resolution vector charts are available by In App Purchase (IAP) with free chart updates for a 12 month-period.

iBoating offers users access to marine charts for many countries. Features include customizable shallow depth, detailed vector charts, long-press feature to query the details of marine objects, customizable depth, voice prompts for marine navigation, auto-follow with real-time track overlay and predict path vector, tide and currents prediction, seamless chart quilting, and maps for 23 countries. You get multiple GPS features, route management and trip planning, information on tides and currents, and more.

"Notifications" are used to inform the user of an event which is not directly related to navigation and not regulated by standards. Notifications are displayed in the top right corner of the chart panel.

A thorough knowledge of route planning is required by the user in order to ensure safe navigation for the entire voyage and to comply with the general requirements of voyage plans, and specific instructions given by the safety management systems of shipping companies and charterers.

Ben, Does NOAA somewhere list the locations they have yet to cover with ENC? The MotionX chart downloads are quite slow so it does require some careful planning ahead if you will be cruising out of cell phone range. This raises the more general issue of depending on downloads when traveling. Even auto trips can run you out of maps if they need a cell signal to download. I always carry my Verizon Mifi in my pocket when traveling as I travel outside ATT coverage regularly. It also reminds that when buying an iPad for Nav to consider a larger memory for all the maps and charts you will download. The MotionX ENC download for LIS to Maine is 12 GB at max detail. That requires multiple overnight download time. MotionX popularity doubtless has there server very busy. I will predict that they will later intro a premium version with faster downloading. Brian

iNavX for $20 is a good deal (thanks, Patrick!). This app has always been solid at full navigation and also integration with boat data over WiFi, plus it offers the widest selection of raster and vector charts available on any iOS app (by a long shot, I think). And in recent years new ownership has made many improvements, details here: It looks like you can get a free trial copy of iNavX from their site or just buy it here on iTunes: -sailing-boating-and-marine-navigation/id286616280 350c69d7ab


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