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The Masked Avengers

Super Barrio is a living comic strip character, a masked man who wrestles with evil slumlords and corrupt politicians. Though his true identity remains a mystery, he's one of Mexico City's most popular figures, and since his first public appearance in 1987 - two years after the earthquake which left 150,000 homeless -he's been a potent, if unsettlingly whimsical symbol of the struggle for tenants' rights in the city's barrios.In leading the fight for fair housing, Super Barrio mediates between municipal authorities and indigent tenants, and when necessary, rallies crowds to prevent landlords from evicting poor families. Because of his popularity, the police are reluctant to arrest him. Publicised meetings with cabinet-level officials have also endowed him with a certain legitimacy; Super Barrio is the unofficial ambassador of a cartoon government, elected by those whose reality the actual government continually ignores.

The Masked Avengers

When I approached the masked man for an interview, Super Barrio referred me to Marco Rascon Cardova, a journalist and activist in Assemblea de Barrios, a tenants' rights organisation with which Super B is closely associated. Marco is the mouthpiece of Super Barrio, and as I later learned, his Dr Frankenstein.

People didn't know whether it was a joke or not, but once they saw the reaction of the authorities towards Super Barrio, they realised his importance. The first time he showed up at a demonstration, he joined the neighbourhood commission when they went in to meet with the municipal authorities, who were shocked when they saw a masked figure sitting across the table from them.

Nowadays its not that surprising, of course, but back then, the fact that they had to face a masked man gave us an important weapon. With Super Barrio, we dominated on their own territory. They got into such a defensive position that they couldn't say no to us on manymatters which they had previously opposed.

Masked Avengers concerns a cult of masked killers who work as mercenaries, though the film never once addresses who exactly hires and pays them. None of them know each other behind their masks, which also raises more logistical questions: if no one knows who is who, then how in the world did the cult get started in the first place? Regardless, we discover that these guys are Satanic in everything but name: they thrive on debauchery, drink the blood of their victims, worship and frolic in pagan rituals, and rape and murder as they please.

Since their first riotous appearance in 1985, the Guerrilla Girls have dedicated themselves to exposing sexism, racism, and corruption in the art world, the film industry, and popular culture. Adopting the names of dead women artists and decked out in full jungle drag, these anonymous avengers use facts, humor, and outrageous visuals to skewer institutional bias and inequality. In this program, the Guerilla Girls give a guided tour through the history of their many public interventions, perform satirical skits, and inspire us to create our own sophisticated acts of aesthetic resistance.Presented by the Chicago Humanities Festival in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Ellen Stone Belic, and Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in the Arts and Media, Columbia College Chicago.

Philip Kwok plays a repentant killer who vows to destroy the masked gang of which he was a member. A young fighter and his martial arts brothers come to the town to catch the killers, but one of them is not to be trusted!

A bunch of golden masked goons are going around murdering people with tridents and a few of the Venoms are on the case. It's got a high body count, some amazing choreography and a jaw-dropping climax that hints at the madness Chang Cheh would tackle with HOUSE OF TRAPS.

Not even Dr. Manhattan, who can see the future, knows if this $120-million risk will pay off. To make matters worse, this is a superhero franchise with no sequel potential and little merchandising value. Who wants their kid to carry a lunchbox bearing the face of a psychotic masked man? 350c69d7ab


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