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30 Nights Of Paranormal Activity With The Devil... __TOP__

Deciding the current one bedroom apartment they share with a Latino family is too small for the Galen clan they move into Dana's dad's house. Hence why the apparently unemployed Aaron can afford a fairly upmarket large McMansion complete with Hispanic live in help Felipe. Naturally they fit out the house with full CCTV, as you do, which completes the inordinate amount of hand held cameras, camera phones, and tablets the Galens own. Almost from the first night spooky things being to happen, like me continuing to watch this movie, and the family are soon under open assault by paranormal entities, the Ghost Brothers, and Abraham Lincoln inexplicably. Add in what amounts to a petting zoo and you are in for, oh what the hell, a movie that is pretty lame but which features a Llama!

30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil...



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