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Where To Buy Butterbur

When I lived in Portland, I found fuki / butterbur to make an excellent perennial vegetable and groundcover. If you have more of it growing in your yard that you want, your first approach should be eating it! I wrote up a detailed report of my experience with it here: -summary-fuki-petasites-japonicus.html

where to buy butterbur

People of the Aromanian community living in the mountainous region of Mokra in Southeastern Albania have a diet that's rich in edible wild plants, especially in springtime. Among these nutritious wild plants is the butterbur (Petasites hybridus), a flowering plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. The plant is distinguished by flower clusters of small, pinkish flowers that bloom along the top of the stem in early spring, and large leaves with an earthy, bitter flavor, that come out later. Aromanians have used this plant as a food item and in traditional medicine, while the Albanian population has not been reported to use this nor many other herbs and plants that have traditionally been utilized by the Aromanian community. The leaves of butterbur are called panacucu in Aromanian, and they can be consumed fresh (although rarely, due to their bitter flavor) or cooked with wheat flour and water into a local specialty of the same name. This traditional dish is believed to be especially beneficial for breastfeeding mothers.

This medication contains butterbur. Do not take Blatterdock, Bog Rhubarb, Bogshorns, Butterdock, Capdockin, Flapperdock, Langwort, Petadolex, Petasites spp, or Umbrella Plan if you are allergic to butterbur or any ingredients contained in this drug. 041b061a72


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