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Buy Lego Polybags

We have one of the largest selections of LEGO Polybags available to purchase in the UK. We regularly add more so remember to bookmark this page if you are a fan of polybags. Many of the polybags we sell are limited edition and have only been available for short periods of time or in selected stores/countries.

buy lego polybags

We sell polybags from many LEGO themes including Star Wars, Ninjago, City, Friends, Creator, Nexo Knights, Super Heroes and more. We also sell a variety of Seasonal themed polybags such as Christmas and Valentine's day. Please contact us if you are looking for a product in particular as not all of the LEGO Polybags that we have in stock are currently listed for sale.

Creator 3-in-1 polybags are the absolute pinnacle of value and fun. Keeping the classic 3-in-1 formula to a low-piece count polybah is always a fun challenge, but the talented designers always somehow manage to deliver.

The humble LEGO polybag has been around since 1983 with the first sets being used as promotional toys for McDonalds Happy Meals. LEGO poylbags usually contain small builds, minifigures, or sometimes even both. Some of the polybags containing promotional minifigures have become very desirable, so today we're counting down the top 10 most expensive LEGO polybags.

In 2023, there will again be ingenious polybags from LEGO. These will surely lure every Polybag collector out of his hiding place. We have therefore also organized for you many Polybags that will be released in 2023 and will offer them as always as soon as possible for you to sell here with us.

So these are some of the places I would recommend if you would like to get into LEGO polybag collecting. If you are at other locations besides Asia, look for LEGO polybags at stores that already sell LEGO. They are often in the seasonal section or at the checkouts. You can also find them at odd places like grocery-stores, gift shops, etc. Half of the fun of collecting LEGO polybags is the trill of the hunt! And if you do find them it is worth picking up a few extras as they are great for trading with other LEGO collectors.

Christchurch Brick Shop prides itself on having one of New Zealand's largest ranges of LEGO Polybags! Polybags are the cutest little LEGO sets you can find - when you can find them! They're not usually sold in stores, and can be very hard to get your hands on. Many polybags become very collectable and are highly desired by collectors.

Last week I spotted an eBay listing by a reputable seller for a bunch of 40026 Statue of Liberty polybags. This listing was $75 for 25 polybags with free shipping. The 6 month Bricklink sales average for the Statue of Liberty polybag is $7.78. Not too shabby.

Every fan of LEGO knows the joy of buying the newest set of their favorite LEGO theme. From Star Wars to LEGO City, LEGO offers a large variety of sets for everyone. In addition to larger sets, LEGO occasionally creates minifigure polybags as well.

There were only 10,000 of this specific stormtrooper created. Due to its rarity, it can now be purchased for around $180. The Chrome Stormtrooper is one of the more expensive LEGO Star Wars polybags that can be found easily purchased online from different sellers.

Darth Revan came out in 2014. The minifigure depicts his character during his leadership of the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War in Legends. These polybags first appeared in the Czech Republic. They then became available throughout the world on May the Fourth.

Depending on the country, the white Boba Fett was given with the purchase of Slave I, at a toy fair, with purchases at Smyths Toy Stores, or to those who built the giant LEGO Star Wars mural at Star Wars Celebration V. These polybags can now be bought online for up to $300.

This polybag was unique in the variety of ways that you could receive it. Unlike the typical purchase of a certain amount, these polybags were randomly in sets in the United States and Europe. They were given to customers at random LEGO stores.

Most of the polybags on this list were made available to any LEGO lover. However, the 2005 Darth Vader was given only to VIP Attendees at the Nurnberg Toy Fair in Germany. Due to its extreme rarity, it costs $2,500, much more expensive than all the other minifigures listed before.

If you are a LEGO Star Wars collector or even a LEGO lover, check through your minifigures to see if you have one of these polybags listed! If not, you can always try your luck with buying one online. Their value will continue to increase throughout the years, so find them while you can!

It got me thinking, why do many of us go to great lengths to buy and trade polybags? Often the sets are not that great, and this one certainly isn't worth the 30p per piece I paid for it. I have my own theories but I'd be interested to hear yours.

I think, better yet, believe, that polybags are both an interesting and unique facet of the whole LEGO collection/hobby environment. A box is a box, a set is a set, etc etc etc. A polybag is as everyone seems to agree, small and simple. You can have 100 polybags and probably fit them all into a large box, maybe an Imperial Flagship one? : ). At any rate, I think it is more than this. If you open a polybag, heck, you don't even need bricklink, but I do fully support it, you could probably go to pick a brick on the LEGO website and find all the pieces you need and with shipping still be able to "make the model". So I think it is about something deeper, I think it is about the bag, the instructions and the uniqueness about it all. Sure, bricks are bricks too, but when you collect an entire theme's worth of polybags, MISB, instructions and all, you have some "different" and I think for the polybag collector out there that is exactly what they are looking for...

Why do we do it?Actually, I only collect the ones that come with something unique, such as the Lex Luthor game promo, Shell polybags. The vast majority of polybags can be made with parts that are easily obtained, so I collect those types of polybags casually.That said, I collect the hard-to-get ones for the thrill of the hunt! ...and that can come with bragging rights, some comes with a story to tell your kids, kids of friends and relatives, how you met some of your Lego friends, the list goes on.Polybags also presents the opportunity to build in the pouch, which is fun, I recommend every AFOL give it a shot at least once. After that, try to build without making too many wrinkles to the pouch. =) It's our version of a ship in a bottle.

^^ I think you are spot-on about he motives, but I don't think LEGO makes these for collectors: the main 'customer' in the case of polybags are the companies that want small sets to help promote their brand in one way or another, be it newspapers, fuel, rescue helicopters or whatever.I think another reason is that, thanks to Brickset's database and the fact they now have their own numbering system, it's easy to see the 'goal' and to know which ones are out there and which ones you have/don't have.

I have collected many other things in the past and it's the thrill of the hunt that gets you excited. Being able to track something down and being able to pick it up adds to the enjoyment of it.As well, from a money standpoint, it would be a little bit cheaper to try an get the entire series or, say, Star Wars polybags than to buy every SW set that came out this year. A small victory I know, but a victory none the less.

Yea I think that everyone is right on the money with this, the only thing that I can think of is its like currency man. The trading aspect and selling is just thrilling. I have just started trading polybags and have seen how lucrative this business is and well its fun to do.

For me I think it has a lot to do with the "Thrill of the Hunt." Most new sets that come out are easily obtained, if one has the money. With the polybags, one faces a more difficult challenge in obtaining them. That, for me, is part of the fun of collecting. I once spent an entire day driving around to every Target, Walmart, and TRS in my area, looking for polybags, because sometimes each different store carries a different selection of polybaged sets. For me this was a day well spent.There is enjoyment in finding something you have been looking for or an even greater enjoyment in finding something that you did not know existed.My two cents . . .

I collect only Star Wars polybags and any others that take my fancy or are going cheap, but I suppose I only do it since the 'gotta catch 'em all' mentality kicks in! I would agree that the sets are generally poor and the good or rare Minifigures are quite few ad far between. I pilfered one of those MTTs on eBay for 4.80 only about four days ago, I have yet to receive it but tracking says it is in the UK somewhere at least.I am looking forward to Atkinsar's articles.

Having a goal of collecting "every polybag ever!" -- while certainly an ambitious undertaking, is way more feasible than collecting "every LEGO set ever!" So, I think some people gravitate toward polybags for that reason. It's a clearly-defined subset of LEGO that some of us can settle our focus onto.

It has less to do with the polybags themselves than the fact it is a thing to track down and collect. By definition, collecting anything--stamps, coins, Lego--is something of an obsessive compulsion. It is not just a matter of buying a few you like, or having something to pass the time. A collector NEEDS these things. Not having all the polybags creates a sense of loss, as if you are not whole.The more widely available or plentiful a Lego set is, the less sense of fulfillment you receive from it. Buying a common City set from your local toy store does not provide the same sense of completion or achievement. It also does not provide the same "king of the hill" feeling of having something rare that most of your fellow collectors do not have. That is why, for example, a Star Wars collector might track down some rare 1970s velvet painting of Chewbacca. Having the same stuff as everyone else is not enough; they need MORE, something even more rare and more unusual to set their collections (and by extension, themselves) apart. 041b061a72


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