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Star Trek: Bridge Commander - Maximum Warp Edition

Two Romulan Warbirds de-cloak port and starboard. I barely have enough time to raise the shields before bright green streaks of energy cut the empty dead of space and impact our warp nacels. A hit like that would have disabled our engines. Suddenly the bridge is alive with battle reports and tactical information:

Star Trek: Bridge Commander - Maximum Warp Edition

OPENING CREDITS[Picard's quarters](Picard is having a dream about his memories from end of "Best of Both Worlds, Part I.")BORG QUEEN (OC): Locutus.PICARD: I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile.(he is awakened by a comm bleep just as he is starting to be assimilated)PICARD: Authorisation Picard four seven alpha tango. ...Admiral?HAYES (on viewer): Did I catch you at a bad time Jean-Luc?PICARD: No, of course not.HAYES (on viewer): I've just received a disturbing report from Deep Space 5. Our colony on Ivor Prime was destroyed this morning. Long-range sensors have picked up...PICARD: Yes, I know. ...The Borg.Captains log, stardate 50893.5. The moment I have dreaded for nearly six years has finally arrived. The Borg, our most lethal enemy have begun an invasion of the Federation, and this time there may be no stopping them.[Enterprise-E observation lounge]RIKER: How many ships?PICARD: One, and it's on a direct course for Earth. It'll cross the Federation border in less than an hour. Admiral Hayes is mobilising a fleet in the Typhon sector.DATA: At maximum warp it will take us three hours twenty-five minutes.PICARD: We're not going.RIKER: What do you mean, 'We're not going'?PICARD: Our orders are to patrol the Neutral Zone, in case the Romulans decide to take advantage of the situation.TROI: The Romulans?DATA: Captain, there has been no unusual activity along the Romulan border for nine months. It seems highly unlikely they would choose this moment to start a conflict.CRUSHER: Does Starfleet feel we need more shakedown time?LAFORGE: Captain, we've been out in space for nearly a year now. We're ready! The Enterprise-E is the most advanced starship in the fleet. We should be on the front line.PICARD: I have gone over all this with Starfleet Command. Their orders stand. ...Number One, set a course for the Neutral Zone[Picard's quarters](classical music is playing)RIKER: Bizet?PICARD: Berlioz. What do you have?RIKER: We've finished our first sensor sweep of the Neutral Zone.PICARD: Oh, fascinating. Twenty particles of space dust per cubic metre. Fifty-two ultra-violet radiation spikes and a class two comet. Well, this is certainly worthy of our attention.RIKER: Captain, why are we out here chasing comets?PICARD: Let's just say that Starfleet has every confidence in the Enterprise and her crew. They're just not sure about her Captain. They believe that a man who was once captured and assimilated by the Borg should not be put in a situation where he would face them again. To do so would introduce an unstable element to a critical situationRIKER: That's ridiculous! Your experience of the Borg makes you the perfect man to lead this fight.PICARD: Admiral Hayes disagrees.TROI (on intercom): Bridge to Captain Picard.PICARD: Go ahead.TROI (on intercom): We've just received word from the fleet. They've engaged the Borg.[Enterprise-E bridge]PICARD: Data, put Starfleet frequency one four eight six on audio.DATA: Aye sir.FLEET COMMUNICATIONS: Flagship to Endeavor. Standby to engage at grid A-fifteen. ...Defiant and Bozeman, fall back to mobile position one. ...Acknowledge. ...We have it in visual range. A Borg cube on course zero point two one five, speed warp point nine six.BORG COMMUNICATIONS: We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.FLEET COMMUNICATIONS: All units open fire. ...They've broken through the defence perimeter. ... Continue to attack. ...We need reinforcements. ...Ninety-six dead and twenty-two wounded on the Lexington.PICARD: Lieutenant Hawk. Set a course for Earth.HAWK: Aye sir.PICARD: Maximum warp. ...I am about to commit a direct violation of our orders. Any of you who wish to object should do so now. It will be noted in my log.DATA: Captain, I believe I speak for everyone here, sir, when I say hell with our orders.RIKER: RED ALERT! All hands to battle stations.PICARD: Engage.(the Borg cube, under attack, approaches Earth. The Defiant is one of the attacking ships)[Defiant bridge]WORF: Report!CONN OFFICER: Main power is off-line. We've lost shields and our weapons have gone.WORF: Perhaps today is a good day to die. Prepare for ramming speed!CONN OFFICER: Sir, there's another starship coming in. ...It's the Enterprise![Enterprise-E bridge]RIKER: The Defiant's losing life support.PICARD: Bridge to transporter room three. Beam the Defiant survivors aboard.RIKER: Captain, the Admiral's ship has been destroyed.PICARD: What is the status of the Borg cube?DATA: It has sustained heavy damage to its outer hull. I am reading fluctuations in their power grid.PICARD: On screen. ...Number One, open a channel to the fleet.RIKER: Channel open.PICARD: This is Captain Picard of the Enterprise. I am taking command of the fleet. Target all of your weapons onto the following coordinates. ...Fire on my command.DATA: Sir, the coordinates you have indicated do not appear to be a vital system.PICARD: Trust me Data.RIKER: The fleet's responded, sir. They're standing by.PICARD: Fire.(the fleet attacks and a circular aperture opens in the Borg ship and a Borg sphere launches before the ship explodes)PICARD: Mister Hawk. Pursuit course. ...Engage.HAWK: Aye sir.TROI: What?PICARD: I can hear them.CRUSHER: I have a patient here who insists on coming to the bridge.PICARD: Welcome aboard the Enterprise, Mister Worf.WORF: Thank you sir. ...The Defiant?PICARD: Adrift, but salvageable.RIKER: Tough little ship.WORF: Little?PICARD: Mister Worf, we could use some help at tactical.RIKER: You do remember how to fire phasers?DATA: Sensors show chronometric particles emanating from the sphere.PICARD: They're creating a temporal vortex.RIKER: Time travel!(the Enterprise suffers a shockwave)PICARD: Data, report!DATA: We appear to be caught in a temporal wake.WORF: Captain, ...Earth.DATA: The atmosphere contains high concentrations of methane, carbon monoxide and fluorine.PICARD: Life signs?DATA: Population ...approximately nine billion. ...All Borg!TROI: How?PICARD: They must have done it in the past. ...They went back and assimilated Earth. ...Changed history.CRUSHER: Then if they changed history why are we still here?DATA: The temporal wake must somehow have protected us from the changes in the time-line.(Data's console bleeps)DATA: Sir, the vortex is collapsing.PICARD: Hold your course, Mister Hawk. We must follow them back. Repair whatever damage they've done.[Montana settlement]LILY: Come on.COCHRANE: Good night Eddie. (to Lily) ...Go home.LILY: You're gonna regret this tomorrow.COCHRANE: Well, what I think you should have learned about me by now is that I don't have regrets. ...Come on, Lily, one more round.LILY: Z, you've had enough. I'm not going up in that thing with a drunken pilot.COCHRANE: But I sure as hell's not going up there sober.LILY: What is that?COCHRANE: That is the constellation Leo.LILY: No, that.(there is a bright orbiting light which suddenly fires two photon bolts towards the settlement)LILY: It's the ECON.COCHRANE: After all these years?(more photon bolts)LILY: We've got to get to the Phoenix!(another photon bolt)COCHRANE: To hell with the Phoenix.(the attack continues and the Enterprise enters Earth orbit through the vortex)[Enterprise-E bridge]PICARD: Report.RIKER: Shields are down. Long-range sensors are off-line. Main power's holdingDATA: According to our astrometric readings we're in the mid twenty-first century. From the radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere I would estimate we have arrived approximately ten years after the Third World War.RIKER: Makes sense. Most of the major cities have been destroyed. There are few governments left. Six hundred million dead. No resistance.WORF: Captain!(the Borg sphere is firing at the surface)PICARD: Mister Worf. Quantum torpedoes.WORF: Ready, sir.PICARD: Fire.(the Borg sphere explodes)PICARD: They were firing at the surface. Location?RIKER: Western hemisphere, ...North American continent. At a missile complex in central Montana.PICARD: A missile complex? ...The date? Mister Data, I need to know the exact date.DATA: April fourth, two thousand sixty-three.PICARD: April fourth?RIKER: The day before First Contact.DATA: Precisely.CRUSHER (OC): Then the missile complex must be the one where Zefram Cochrane is building his warp ship.PICARD: That's what they came here to do. Stop First Contact.RIKER: How much damage, Lieutenant?HAWK: I can't tell. Long-range sensors are still off-line.PICARD: We'll have to go down there. Find out what happened. Data, Beverly, you're with me. Have a security team meet us in transporter room three. Computer. Mid-twenty-first century civilian clothing. ...Number One, you have the bridge.[Montana settlement]PICARD: Over here.[Titan V silo]CRUSHER: They're all dead.PICARD: See if one of them is Cochrane. Data, let's go check the warp ship.DATA: The structural integrity of the missile appears to be in tact. The fuselage is slightly damaged.PICARD: We should have the original blueprints on the Enterprise computer. Commander La Forge will need to bring a team down here.(Lily lets off a burst of rifle fire at them from below)PICARD (OC): Hold your fire! We're here to help you!LILY: Bullshit!DATA: Captain, I believe I can handle this.(Data jumps down to lower level taking Lily's fire)DATA: Greetings!(Lily faints)DATA: Captain, this woman requires medical attention.CRUSHER: Severe theta radiation poisoning.DATA: Radiation is coming from the damaged throttle assembly.CRUSHER: We're all gonna have to be inoculated, ...and I have to get her to sickbay.PICARD: Doctor...CRUSHER: Please, no lectures about the Prime Directive. I will keep her unconscious.PICARD: Very well. Tell Commander Riker to beam down with a search party. We need to find Cochrane.CRUSHER: Crusher to Enterprise. Two to beam directly to sickbay.PICARD: We have less than forty-eight hours before this ship has to be launched. Picard to engineering.[Enterprise-E engineering]LAFORGE: La Forge here.[Titan V silo]PICARD: Geordi, Cochrane's ship was damaged in the attack. Get down here with an engineering detail. We have work to do.[Enterprise-E engineering]LAFORGE: Right, I'm on my way, Captain. Alpha team. Let's assemble in transporter room three. We're heading down to the surface. ...Porter, you're gonna be in command 'til I get back. And, Porter, check out the environmental controls while I'm gone. It's getting a little warm in here. All right, let's go.[Titan V silo]PICARD: Isn't it amazing? This ship used to be a nuclear missile.DATA: It is an historical irony that Doctor Cochrane would use an instrument of mass-destruction to inaugurate an era of peace.(Picard feels the Titan V rocket)PICARD: It's a boyhood fantasy, Data. I must have seen this ship hundreds of times in the Smithsonian, but I was never able to touch it.DATA: Sir, does tactile contact alter your perception of the Phoenix?PICARD: Oh, yes. For humans, touch can connect you to an object in a very personal way. It makes it seem more real.DATA: I am detecting imperfections in the titanium casing. Temperature variations in the fuel manifold. It's no more real to me now than it was a moment ago.TROI: Would you three like to be alone?PICARD: What have you found out?TROI: There's no sign of Cochrane anywhere in the complex.PICARD: He has to be here. There was nothing more important to him than this ship. This flight. It was his dream.TROI: Captain, we should consider the possibility that Doctor Cochrane was killed in the attack.PICARD: Huh. If that's true then the future may die with him.[Enterprise-E engineering]EIGER: What do you think?PORTER: That the entire environmental system's gone crazy. It's not just engineering, it's the entire deck. Maybe it's a problem with the EPS conduits.[Enterprise-E Jefferies tube]PORTER: Hello? ...Hey!EIGER (OC): Are you talking to me?PORTER: Is there any one else working maintenance in this section?EIGER (OC): Not that I know of.PORTER (OC): Aarrgh![Enterprise-E engineering]EIGER: Paul? ...Paul, are you okay in there?[Enterprise-E Jefferies tube]EIGER: Aarrgh![Titan V silo]TROI: Captain, what is it?PICARD: Picard to Enterprise. Mister Worf, is everything all right up there?WORF (on intercom): Yes sir. We are experiencing some environmental difficulties on deck sixteen but that is all.PICARD: What kind of difficulties?WORF (on intercom): Humidity levels have risen seventy-three percent and the temperature has jumped ten degrees in the last hour.PICARD: Mister Data and I are returning to the ship.WORF (on intercom): Understood.PICARD: Number One, take charge down here.RIKER: Aye sir.[Enterprise-E sickbay]CRUSHER: The damage to her cell membranes is repaired. She should be fine but I'd like to run another test on the spinal tissue. Would you find out why it's so hot in here?(the lighting and other systems glitch)CRUSHER: Now what? Crusher to engineering. ...Crusher to bridge.(there is a huge thud behind her)[Enterprise-E bridge]PICARD: Commander Worf. I need to know exactly what's been happening.WORF: We have lost contact with deck sixteen. Communications, internal sensors, everything. I was about to send a security team to investigate.PICARD: No! Seal off deck sixteen. Post security teams at every access point.WORF: Aye sir.PICARD: Mister Hawk, before we lost internal sensors what were the exact environmental conditions in main engineering?HAWK: Atmospheric pressure was two kilopascals above normal, ninety-two percent humidity, thirty-nine point one degrees Celsius.PICARD: Thirty-nine point one degrees Celsius. ...Like a Borg ship. They knew their ship was doomed, our shields were down and somehow they transported over here without being detected. They'll assimilate the Enterprise, and then ...Earth. ...Picard to Riker. ...Enterprise to away team. ...Respond.HAWK: Sir, the main control is being rerouted through main engineering. ...Weapons, shields, propulsion.PICARD: Quickly, Mister Data. Lock out the main computer.DATA: I have isolated the main computer with a fractal encryption code. It is highly unlikely the Borg will be able to break it.WORF: The Borg have cut power to all decks except sixteen.PICARD: The Borg won't stay on deck sixteen.[Enterprise-E sickbay]CRUSHER: Wake up, you're all right. Come on, come on, wake up.(Lily comes to, panicking)CRUSHER: Hold steady. Stay calm. You are all right. Now listen to me. You're going to be fine, listen to me. I just need you to do as I say. ...Alyssa, is the EMHprogramme still on line?OGAWA: It should be, sir.(there is more thudding)CRUSHER: Computer. Activate the EMH programme.EMERGENCY MEDICAL HOLOGRAM: Please state the nature of the medical emergency.CRUSHER: Twenty Borg are about to break through that door. We need time to get out of here. Create a diversion.EMERGENCY MEDICAL HOLOGRAM: This isn't part of my programme. I'm a doctor, not a doorstop.CRUSHER: Well do a dance. Tell a story. I don't care. Just give us a few seconds.(Crusher, Ogawa and Lily and the rest of the medical staff escape through a hatchway)EMERGENCY MEDICAL HOLOGRAM: According to Starfleet medical research, Borg implants can cause severe skin irritations. Perhaps you'd like an analgesic cream.[Enterprise-E Jefferies tube]OGAWA: Which way?CRUSHER: We need to get off this deck. Follow me.(Lily heads off in another direction)[Enterprise-E armoury]PICARD: The first thing they'll do in engineering is establish a collective, a central point from which they can control the hive. The problem is if we begin firing particle weapons in engineering there's a risk we may hit the warp core. I believe our goal should be to puncture one of the plasma coolant tanks. Data?DATA: Excellent idea. Plasma coolant will liquefy organic material on contact.WORF: But the Borg are not entirely organic.PICARD: True, but like all cybernetic lifeforms they cannot survive without their organic components.WORF: I have ordered all weapons to be set on a rotating modulation. The Borg will adapt quickly. We will be able to fire twelve shots at most.PICARD: One other thing. ...You may encounter Enterprise crewmembers who've already been assimilated. Don't hesitate to fire. Believe me you'll be doing them a favour. ...Let's go.[Montana settlement bar](rock and roll music is blaring out of a jukebox)RIKER: Deanna! ...Deanna! Deanna!(Riker rips out the power lead silencing the music)TROI: No! No, don't turn it off that...COCHRANE: Who is this jerk? ...And who told him he could turn off my music?TROI: Will Riker. ...Zefram Cochrane.COCHRANE: Is he a friend of yours?TROI: Yes.COCHRANE: Husband?TROI: No.COCHRANE: Good! ...Now this, Deena...TROI: Deanna.COCHRANE: This the good stuff.RIKER: Doctor Cochrane...COCHRANE: To the Phoenix. ...May she rest in peace.(Cochrane and Troi knock back their slugs with some reaction)COCHRANE: Okay, that wasn't so good.TROI: Will, I think we have to tell him the truth.RIKER: If we tell the truth the timeline...TROI: Timeline! This is no time to argue about time. We don't have the time! ...What was I saying?RIKER: You're drunk.TROI: I am not.RIKER: You are.TROI: Look. He wouldn't even talk to me unless I had a drink with him. And then it took three shots of something called tequila just to find out he was the one we're looking for. And I've spent the last twenty minutes trying to keep his hands off me. So don't go criticising my counselling techniques. ...It's a primitive culture. I'm just trying to blend in.RIKER: You're blending all right.TROI: I've already told him our cover story. He didn't believe me.RIKER: Yes. We're running out of time. Now if we tell him the truth do you think he'll be able to handle it?TROI: If you're looking for my professional opinion as ship's Counselor, ...he's nuts.RIKER: I'll be sure to note that in my log.(the jukebox springs back into life, Troi passes out and Cochrane gyrates to the music)[Enterprise-E corridors](security parties led by Picard and Worf discover Borg cubicles)DATA: Captain, I believe I am feeling ...anxiety. It's an intriguing sensation. A most distracting...PICARD: Data, I'm sure it's a fascinating experience. Perhaps you should deactivate your emotion chip for now.DATA: Good idea, sir. ...Done.PICARD: Data, there are times when I envy you.(Worf's party is startled by a hatch opening)CRUSHER: It's only me!WORF: Are you all right?CRUSHER: Yes but we have wounded


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