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Picat Injection Molding Simulator

By working with a plastic injection molding contact manufacturer (CM) that provides DFM, OEMs can avoid problems such as short shots by taking steps to prevent them in the design phase. They can then begin manufacturing their component knowing that they have the right design specifications, manufacturing processes, and tools and equipment selections in place.

picat injection molding simulator

If your plastic injection molding manufacturer determines that a raw material that is too viscous for your project and will be unable to flow into all sections of the mold cavity, they will provide possible solutions to solve the problem.

To solve the problem of short shots caused by improper or inadequate venting, the plastic injection molding manufacturer may add more venting near the area of the mold that is having short shot issues.

When material is unable to flow into the cavity, that may be because the mold temperature is not high enough. The material at the current temperature is not able to flow at a speed that is sufficient to reach all parts of the cavity. In this case, the plastic injection molding manufacturer will raise the mold temperature to allow the plastic to flow into the hard-to-reach areas of the mold.


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